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INAVET Nutrition Technologies, Inc. is a veterinary, animal nutrition company in the Philippines. It was founded and incorporated in 2008 by Dr. Narciso A. Intal with a main purpose of providing unique, top-quality and innovative supplement products in the country. What started as a single proprietorship has been growing into a dynamic animal nutrition company which serves the Swine, Poultry, Gamefowl, Ruminant and Small-Animal Markets in the entire Philippines and also reaching out to its neighboring Asian countries.

INAVET, a 100% Filipino owned corporation, is an exclusive local company to engage in the business of importation and distribution of advanced animal feed premix supplements and specialty feed ingredients from XFE Products in Iowa, USA, liquid energy concentrates from Bovidr Laboratories, Inc. in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and environmental microbial products from Ecological Laboratories, Inc..

Member of Philippine Veterinary & Drug Association (PVDA, 2014)